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Big Jims Weekend Warrior Barbecue Sauce for Cooking and Grilling

Weekend Warrior Gluten-Free BBQ Sauce for Cooking and Grilling

You Don't Have to Compromise Flavor to Go Gluten-Free

The Weekend Warrior Sauce Story

Big Jim’s Weekend Warrior Sauce celebrates the “weekend warrior” in all of us. After a long week working hard, we like to play hard too. We embrace our friends and family with frequent get-togethers. Everything good thing in life is better shared.

Whether the special occasion is at a backyard barbecue, where often you hear stories and laughter from a group circling the grill, or indoors, Weekend Warrior Sauce is perfect for enhancing the flavor of meats or adding to a dish cooking in the kitchen, it makes the food deliciously memorable.

The recipe began with Big Jim’s brother-in-law, Hal, who suggested the ingredients for the first batch in 1996, then Jim Montgomery kept tweaking it and testing it out with friends for about a decade. In 2006, Jim decided he had the right combination based on many people saying, “you’re crazy if you don’t bottle this”.

Jim and his wife, Kathie, did the painstaking research on how bring the sauce to market and now this dream is a reality. This special sauce is now available online, from their kitchen to yours.


The Sauce

Your mouth will burst with flavor from the first bite to the last. It’s a southern-style cooking and grilling sauce with origins in the Carolinas. In the beginning, Jim’s first batch was created in South Carolina, then the recipe was finalized in North Carolina.

Weekend Warrior Sauce has a robust tangy flavor with a kick based on premium ketchup, distilled vinegar and spicy brown mustard. Just the right blend of spices, turmeric, molasses, grapefruit juice, honey, brown sugar, pepper sauce and garlic give it its signature complexity. Big Jim has been known to stand for hours during the bottling process to get the ingredients just right. He didn’t approve the blend until he taste-tested and spread the sauce out on the counter literally counting the pepper flakes to make sure it matched his original recipe.

Expect a bold and zesty flavor with just the right kick.


Gluten-Free Ingredients

For those sensitive to gluten (Celiac disease), you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to compromise flavor with Big Jim’s Weekend Warrior sauce as its gluten-free.

Some sauces use wheat based products as a thickener, we don’t. Our sauce’s body comes naturally through yummy tomato paste. Feel free to coat your food while cooking or grilling to add layers of mouth watering flavor.



We don’t use MSG (monosodium glutamate). There are just too many articles about MSG being a neurotoxin in spite of the USDA saying its generally recognized as safe. 


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